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Thursday, April 10, 2014

YOB- Live at Hellfest 2012

YOB sounds like mega-shockwave giant that every stomp is a riff that shakens the land, crushes the green pasture. Then the fist of the giant crushes the woods and stones followed by a deafening roar! As the giant opens it fiery eyes of fire it catches a glimpse of an old enemy in the far distance up in the mountains. Then  it proceeds to the direction of the enemy , crushing the trees and shakening the very foundations of the forest.  As the animals run away in terror the ones which are unlucky are caught by the stone-hand of the giant and the forest is sprayed by the blood and bones of the unlucky creatures crushed by the merciless giant....

From the youtube comments I see the playlist is:

1 Prepare the Ground 
2 Burning the Altar 
3 Adrift in the Ocean 
4 Upon the Sight of the Other Shore 
5 Grasping Air



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