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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Black Shape of Nexus / Kodiak Split-- VIIIe

I have no idea what VIIIe means but it sure sounds like a great soundtrack to the world's ending and demise.
Edit : Black Shape of Nexus just explained what VIIIe means. Here's the quote;

"VIIIe: as this is a combination of a regular doom track (which we numbered in the past with roman numbers from I to VIII) and a microbarome drone track (which we number by letters) the trackname is also a combination. So "VIII" plus "microbarome e" = "VIIIe". It's drone doom algebra"

I came across this song while surfing through the Internet. I was listening to bands like Kodiak and Black Buddha Rising  but this mighty song got stuck by me all the time. I became so addicted to this song that I listened the same tune over and over again for the next week. Although it does not sound foreign, it never sounded this deliciously heavy and crushing. The song will go on until nothing remains but dust and puddle of meat covered by broken bones...

Prepare for 22 minutes of  heavy riffage and drone.



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