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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Deserfest 2017 / Berlin

       Starting from 2014 I attended Berlin Desertfest festival regularly until 2016. In 2016, it was sold-out. Being a regular metal head who buys tickets at the very last minute I was a quite bit of surprised. In 2016 I missed Electric Wizard but I made it up by watching the almighty Sleep in 2017.  It was worth every euro paid, every km that was flown and every hurt in my muscles while I was waiting for them to play.  
      The only downside of Berlin Desertfest was there were four stages. Two of them were two-minute walk from the main and the foyer stage. Being the greedy guy I am, I wanted to see all of the bands. That did not happen.  So I had to stick with what I know. I chose the bands which were most familiar to me. Although this was not tiresome as the previous years I immensely enjoyed watching my favorite bands play. I hate to pick favorites but John Garcia ruled the stage. When they played Thumb, I lost it.  

      Anyway long story short go and check out Desertfest. I have met immense amount of people and made quite bit of friends.  Although they were not the best at organizing this year I am still happy to meet old friends and meet new ones.

In Cassiopeia ( one of the other venues) I was watching an ear wrenching karaoke show after the Sleep show . A South American girl started talking a mm from my ear, shouting and asking if I wanted to sing “ Children of Grave” with her. I nodded and smiled.  “No.” I said. “I will not sing Children of Grave with you, it’s difficult and you will sound so bad. I am not ready to embarrass myself on stage...yet”  Quickly investigating and finding out that she has a boyfriend I became more disinterested but nevertheless I wanted to see how much she sounded bad while singing the song. 

After hearing her sing I have to tell you this; She should be water boarded and put on trial on United Nations Committee for violating such a beautiful song. Anyway Karaoke sucks. But I managed to save one guy from her and got me a free cd. It’s from a band called Distant Sun. It does not sound too bad. So short lesson from this story is you can save a buddy from a drunk attention seeking girl and you can get a free cd. It’s a possibility. So be on the watch.

See you guys next year!






                                        John Garcia



                            Wolves in the Throne Room

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