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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Elder - Death Roots Stirring - 2010

Elder is a band that when you hear them for first time you immediately recognize that you stumbled something good and heavy. You know it for a fact that when you listen the same songs over and over again but you want more. Songs with diverse riffage makes you want to listen it again and again.

Hailing from Boston,  Elder is a three-piece band. They released Death Roots Stirring in 2010. I was able to grab their album at Desertfest Berlin along with 20 albums that I bought .

Gemini starts with typical sludgy entry and consumes the listener with the intensity of their riffage . The vocals are also not your typical sludge metal roars but I don't really care about that. I love it.
Dead Roots Rising starts with a nice bass intro and it is  followed by excellent guitar work.
Dead Roots Rising is so catchly to the ear I can just mumble it to my future children when they sleep.Because I will be listening to these songs for many years to come!
III is an instrumental track that starts with a nice acoustic arpeggio. It is by far my favorite song and it is followed by The End and Knot. The guitar work as well as the vocal are very striking in this album.

I think this album adds to the diversity to the sludge / stoner scene. These guys did not leave one good riff unattended in their songs. All of them blends in with the great production work and guitar tones.

These guys also released two more songs on bandcamp. Check the links below.



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