Ersin Tas

Monday, July 13, 2015

Post- Apocalyptic Art

Countless hours of surfing through images and movies through the internet had led me to believe that we want the apocalypse. 

We want the world to end.

And from the ashes and rubble we want to nature to take over the ruins of the cities that we call the cradles of civilization. But when human kind leaves the earth, there will be nothing left but concrete, metal and loads of leftover plastics. It is as useless as fighting against winds. Human kind is as important to universe as a small dust

 Elephant's Foot, Chernobyl Power Plant

Post - apocalyptic themes offer a great collage for artists to create and widen their art upon. The internet is swarming post apocalyptic images but I don't think that many people realize that in nuclear meltdowns, atomic explosions many of our kind died a horrible death .I believe humanitarian side has to be taken into consideration when appreciating this art 

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