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Monday, July 21, 2014

Bongripper - Miserable (2014)

Chicago's Bongripper Miserable contains the tunes that Satan listens to as he eternally torments the souls in hell. Endless starts with straight into the face riff that takes you into trance for 17 minutes.
Into Ruin is half an hour face-meltdown with nothing but punishing riffs of doom. I cannot imagine if it can get any heavier that this.You can write stories not reviews while listening to Bongripper. You can feel the strum of the palm to the guitar as the song progresses. The song takes surprising turns like turning into a full-black-metal riff, giving up absolutely nothing away from it's heaviness. Given the magnitude and heaviness of the songs you just listened Descent needs no introduction It's long, not blasting like Into Ruin but still Bongripper reminds us the demons we all feared that were under the bed are real and kicking under your bed. They are whispering that the time of doom has come.

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