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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Album Artworks--Part I

I have been scouting the album artwork artists for some time. I have discovered some great sites and the blogs of the artists who have made great artwork for several artists. The aim of this blog entry is to briefly inform anyone who is interested to get in contact with the artists.

Arik Roper, who did the legendary cover of the 1-hour Dopesmoker of Sleep, is very well known in the stoner / sludge scene. He also did the artwork of Death is this Communion by High on Fire. His works can be found here. His works generally consists of vast emptiness of the desert and some demons of the underworld.


I came across the artwork of Nick Keller as I was listening to Child from Australia.
The link can be found here . On his blog Keller describes the story behind some of his works.
He does artwork for some stoner bands as well as some death metal bands. His Sauron-like man holding a giant knife is my favorite one.

The artwork of Denis Forkas can be found on Behemoth's last album; The Satanist.
Heavy Metal Artwork did an interview with Denis Forkas on May 1, 2014. The link can be found here.
You may see Forkas's website here. There is also more info on the artist following link;
Denis Forkas' works looks like the images from a nightmare. Scary but relaxing.

Nader Sadek, who blew me away with  his death metal collaboration act, is a conceptual artist who specializes providing sick material for the sick minded.

                                                       Youtube Channel of Nader Sadek

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