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Friday, May 30, 2014

Sardonis - II

Sardonis is a two-piece band from Belgium that excels at writing riffs for gravediggers.
I can just imagine the tunes that shake the soil as the dead bodies hit the moisty hole in the ground.
Just sit back and slide into the mass graves full of piles of dead bodies as you listen to Sardonis...These guys deliver the utmost the heaviness that you can expect from a doom band. No clean production, just heavy music for the sick-minded!

Burial of Men starts of with a doomy intro that makes warms you up to the song and then speeds up quicky.
Followed by Warmonger, my favorite song of the album, consists of a slayer-like riff. Sardonis took a very simple approach to their songs; Finding a riff and play it until your hands feel numb! Drowning takes the tempo down but it does not giving any concession from eerie sound. The album then proceeds to Emperor with a nice acoustic intro than quickly comes back to thrashy-doomy riffing again. The album gets better with Torch and the Bearer, Entering to the Woods with the doomy riffs numbing your ears
Sardonis made a good balance between the fast and the slow riffs in this album.

II is an instrumental album and most of the songs are based on war and death in a doomy way. Sardonis lets the listener imagine what to make of their songs and I like that. I have recently had the pleasure of seeing Sardonis live at Desertfest Berlin in April and I will advise anyone who is interested in doom / sludgy metal to take a look at Sardonis.

Favorite songs: Warmonger, Entering the Woods, Burial of Men, After of Battles, The Torch and The Bearer

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